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"I learned a lot about how to approach people and the value of seeing how all of their identities intersect in order to build connections."
Climate Reality Project
"The identity frameworks and capacities provided by the OICD (Identity Vision) have been a fantastic addition to our work."

All organizations deal with problems of identity and culture. Learning how to see the world through the eyes of diverse clients, staff and stakeholders can transform the effectiveness of what you do.


If you recognize your problems as being related to any of the following, Identity Vision is here to help.


      • Communicating across boundaries of culture and identity
      • Cohesion building and multi-stake holder and minority representation
      • Conflict mitigation, prevention and response at local, regional, national and global levels
      • Solutions to anti-social behaviour, crime and violence prevention

Identity Vision is a way of seeing and interacting with individuals and communities. Identity Vision provides solutions that harness the power of identity to tackle complex identity-related challenges and drive lasting positive change. 


Our comprehensive approach begins with a deep understanding of the root causes of the issue, and continues through the development and implementation of effective strategies. 


We have worked with a wide variety of organizations to help them solve identity-based problems.

How we can help you

With tailored training programs, audit services, research services, and end-to-end solutions, Identity Vision can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s identity landscape and harness its power to drive positive growth and change. 

Whether you are looking to transform conflict, build a positive workplace culture, increase effectiveness and productivity, or solve complex problems, Identity Vision gives you the tools you need.

Tailored Training

Identity Vision training programs help individuals and organizations unlock their identity literacy, leading to numerous benefits. By developing self-awareness, empathy, and communication skills, participants can improve their ability to connect, solve problems, see opportunities and build relationships. 


Organizations can benefit from enhanced leadership, client and staff engagement, improved workplace culture, increased effectiveness and productivity. 


Additionally, identity literacy provides the ability to understand and navigate political, social, and cultural divides, prevent negative behaviors, and create a more just and equitable workforce, workplace, and surrounding community.

Case Study: Breaking Through Barriers of Cultural Polarization

Our work with the Climate Reality Project demonstrates how our methods and techniques helped them connect with communities and groups experiencing cultural polarization.

Through our approach, they gained a deeper understanding of how identities intersect, leading to more productive and meaningful interactions and communication strategies.

Practitioners commented:

I learned a lot about how to approach people and the value of seeing how all of their identities intersect in order to build connections.”

This was very valuable to me as a framework for engaging with those who wouldn’t be receptive to the Climate Change Reality Project presentation model, the only approach I knew about prior to this learning. It also gave me a lot of food for thought regarding identities and how to have more productive and meaningful interactions in general.

Identity Audit & Research

Identity Vision’s audit and research services offer organizations a comprehensive understanding of their identity landscape. Through these services, organizations can gain valuable insights into how identity factors impact their overall performance, productivity, and cultural values and working environments. They also help organizations to identify and address any challenges or areas for improvement, and to develop targeted strategies for success. 


Through identity audits and other identity-based research, organizations can stay ahead of the curve and proactively address issues that could impact their success, making these services powerful tools for organizations seeking to improve their identity literacy and overall performance.

Case Study: Transforming Conflict and Building Cohesion

The Columbian and UK-based Embrace Dialogue were looking for new ways to enhance their existing peace and cohesion building efforts. At the conclusion of our research, training and facilitation work, their co-directors remarked: 

The identity frameworks and capacities provided by the OICD have been a fantastic addition to our work. The importance of systematically incorporating a formal identity-based approach has given us new ideas and opened up new opportunities to reach and positively transform the divided communities in which we work, and will continue trying to reach as our work continues.

Identity-Based Solutions

Identity Vision’s end-to-end solutions leverage the power of identity to address complex identity-related challenges and create lasting, positive change. These solutions provide a comprehensive approach to solving problems, from understanding and analyzing the root causes, to developing and implementing targeted, effective strategies. 


By utilizing these services, organizations can benefit from increased productivity, improved workplace culture, enhanced client, leadership and employee engagement, and the ability to address complex issues in a holistic and sustainable manner. 

How do we do it?

Identity Vision solutions are rooted in evidence-based methods. Our parent organization, the Organization for Identity and Cultural Development (OICD), has spent over two decades of academic-practitioner collaboration developing the EMIC Method, an end-to-end toolset for solving identity-based problems (read more about EMIC here). 


Identity Vision Solutions bring the power of the EMIC Method to your organization, enabling you to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. 


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