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OICD Members and invited speakers at a 2020 workshop on conflict and identity in London

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Our team at Identity Vision Services is comprised of experts from a wide range of backgrounds, including government, corporate, social work, education, conflict transformation, and advocacy. 


We have extensive experience working with a diverse range of professionals, having conducted research and training for companies, non-profits, and organizations across the globe, including Latin America and Africa. 


With over 20 years of academic-practitioner collaborative development, our methods and approaches are evidence-based and rooted in the latest academic research, as well as practitioner knowledge. 


As part of the Organization for Identity and Cultural Development, we ensure the professionalism and rigor of our methods, giving you confidence in the results and solutions we provide. 


Trust in our team’s expertise to help unlock the full potential of your organization.

Identity Vision Team Leaders

Bruce White

Founding Director of the OICD and OICD Institute, Dr. Bruce White is also CEO of Identity Vision and the lead developer of the EMIC Method which powers much of the work of the OICD and Identity Vision.

Bruce is an anthropologist of identity with a passion for applying an understanding of the human sciences to help solve real world problems. Bruce grew up in Nigeria, USA and the UK and has lived and worked in Japan, Italy, Malta and Canada.   

Chikara Shimasaki

An educator, researcher, environmental strategist and change-maker, Chikara Shimasaki is founding director of the Council for Sustainable Education (CSE), and Lead Project Developer at the OICD and Identity Vision.  

Chikara is an educator with a passion for providing the world a deep, broad and genuine inner and outer sustainability education. He is co-developer of the OICD’s Identity Literacy program.

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